For the foreigners in Japan ”The Shinto Faith” :GAIJIN-san he SHINTO no SINKOU



  Since ancient times, Japanese have expressed the divine energy or life-force of the natural world kami and have worshiped them. Individuals who have made a great contribution to the state or society may also be enshrined and revered as kami.

  Observing the Shinto faith includes worshipping ancestors as guardians of the family. The Japanese have enshrined ancestral spirits at household alter.

   There are jinja in Japan today where various kami are enshrined, particularly those who appear in the story of the Divine Age or historical figures. Among them are individuals known for their great achievements, such as the Emperor, politicians, scholars, loyal retainers, or brave samurai.  Furthermore, some persons who died for  the community are enshrined as kami. In Japanese society, people have shared culture of deifying someone or something that showed special ability beyond human beings.